Benefits of travel

Travel is much more beneficial to a person’s entire well-being than most of us realize. The benefits far outweigh the costs involved. The education, the joy, the fun, the excitement and the lasting memories they create in our minds and souls are far more valuable than other things money can buy:

1. every travel is an educational experience.

Every time we travel, or make a tour somewhere, even in previously visited places, we meet and see different people under different background and circumstances. every encounter, observation or communication with them is a learning experience. Each local culture has something different than where we came from,  which can be very interesting and fascinating to observe or learn. These can include their food, language, music, dance, architecture, church, food market, means of transportation, dress, colors, etc.. These differences in culture become more prevalent and more interesting as you travel farther and farther away from your own place. Much more when you go to other countries and continents. Besides, the real education and learning you gain from your own travels and tours are much more fun and enjoyable compared to those you gained theoretically in a classroom while you were in school.

2.  travel makes us see nature’s wonders and beautiful places

When we personally see a wonderful and beautiful place for the first time, many of us ran out of words to describe our experience. We have mixed feelings of surprise, awe, wonder, amazement or something blissful that is difficult to describe.  For a moment we forget ourselves, and our own world, together with all its problems and pressures. It is a wonderful and priceless feeling that lightens our souls and change our perspective in life. travels to these places help us appreciate and respect nature and its beauty and wonders. It is a great privilege to personally be in these places at least once in our lifetime.

3. travel reduces stress

Our present generation is living in a more stressful environment than the earlier generations, generallybecause of a faster pace in all aspects of life. Jobs and businesses, and the cut throat daily competition within and outside, produce an enormous amount of stress on individuals, families and society. One of the great ways to handle stress on a personal level is to travel away from our daily work environment every now and then. The more we travel, the better it is for our health. We should remind ourselves that stress is the no. 1 cause of many killer diseases. Let us take a break,  travel outside our comfort zones,  see wonderful and beautiful places, have fun and relaxation, and stay healthy. The special memories we bring back with us can last for a long time, and is of great help to fight the debilitating stress in our lives.

4. travel widens our horizon

Our own personal perspective in life has a great influence on how we live our daily lives. Our opportunities in life are limited by what we are capable to see. The wider the horizon  our minds can see, the more opportunities we  meet along the way. According to HENRY MILLER,  “a destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things”. Thus, the more places you go the wider your horizon will become. Travel helps you grow as a person with a broad mind and perspective in life. You become more tolerant of other people and their different views. Travel destroys prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. The world becomes larger as you travel, and shrinks at the same time, because you become aware that there are more things to learn while growing in your understanding of  the world itself. you will also discover that people have the same worries, feelings, wants and fears, although they live in  different realities. Travel opens our eyes to the many good things in the world together with its rich diversity in culture and customs.

5. travel builds our personality

Contacts with other people build Personalities. The more people we are in contact with, the more adjustments we make on ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly. It is  natural for us to learn from the ways, actions and thinking of people we meet and communicate with, thereby contributing to the development of our own personalities. travel gives us the opportunity to meet many kinds of people from different cultures, affording us a rich opportunity to  build ourselves. Our level of confidence also grows as we travel to more destinations.

6. travel calms our fears

One of the main reasons why some people dislike travelling especially to faraway places is the fear of something. Fear that something might go wrong that will put us into some kind of trouble or problem that is difficult to manage. Worst, troubles that will  bring us physical harm. Although in some cases this could be true, most often these are isolated cases that could also happen to us even if we do not travel outside our residential area. In most cultures and places visitors are mostly welcome and readily helped by the local people once they call for help. Actual travels will make you realize later that most of your fears are unfounded. The more you travel, the more of your fears will be gone.

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