Singapore Tour on June 21, 2012

Our scheduled tour for the month of June is bound for Singapore. June 21, 2012 is the chosen day of departure. The deadline for acceptance of participants to this tour is on May 21, 2012. Anybody who has access to the five (5) selected airports of Manila, Iloilo, Cebu,  Cagayan de Oro and Davao can join this tour.

A. The destination

Singapore is an attractive destination today, as well as in the past. For hundreds of years, travellers have found Singapore an excellent place to stay. As far back as the 13th century, trading boats and merchant ships would take refuge in its safe harbour along the Malacca Straits, leaving Singapore a cultural heritage that is considered exotic at the present time. Singapore’s culture showcase the old traditions which are still very much alive.

You can discover Singapore in so many ways. It has a world-class public service, an award-winning airline, and a green urban city, lined up with trees, flowers and gardens. You can enjoy the Chinese antiques, traditional costumes or calligraphy of Chinatown, then smell the aroma of assorted spices at Little India and purchase a sari or some jewellry for a loved one, before proceeding to Kampong Glam and Arab Street for bazaar-style shopping.

Singapore is one of the most enjoyable cities in Southeast Asia. As you touch down in one of the world’s best airports, tree-shaded expressway and a beautiful and efficient MRT train line, you’ll quickly realize this is a city free from the usual traffic congestion in the metropolis of the cities of other countries.

In one day you can dip into the cultures of China, India and Muslim Malaysia, against a backdrop of ultra-modern Western commerce.  You don’t have to look far to find echoes of the island’s colorful past, or its creative artistic community. The streets are also super clean, with a surrounding environment free from noises that can irritate your ears.

B. Package inclusions 

3 days/2 nights package (without Sentoza)

Inclusions for the 3 days/2nights package are:

1. Round trip airfares from Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Cebu, Iloilo or Manila to Singapore and vice versa.
2. Round trip transfers from Singapore airport to chosen hotel (arrival) and vice versa (departure).
3. Three (3) days and two (2) nights hotel accommodation.
4. Daily breakfast inside the hotel (except Fragrance Crystal, which has no breakfast).
5. Standard half day city tour in Singapore (morning of day 2)
a. It is standard practice in the industry that no tours are scheduled on the day of arrival and the day of departure. Thus, you can use these free times to either walk around nearby, rest, buy souvenirs, or do what you want to do.
b. Incidental expenses that are not listed in the above inclusions are chargeable to the pocket money of tour participants.

3 days/2 nights package (with Sentoza tour)

All the inclusions specified above are also included in this package. The difference is the addition of the Sentoza tour in the afternoon of day 2. Instead of a free time, the afternoon of day 2 is utilized for the Sentoza tour. This is to maximize the use of your time in Singapore. The Sentoza tour will run for 7.5 hours, starting at 2 p.m. up to night time. Pick up time from the hotel is 1:30pm.

4days/3nights package

Inclusions for 4days/3nights package also include all the inclusions specified in the  3days/2nights package (with Sentoza tour), plus an additional one day Universal Studio tour on day 3.  Round trip transfer from hotel to Universal Studio and back is already included in the package.

5days/4nights package

Inclusions for a 5days/4nights package also include all the inclusions specified in the 4days/3nights package (with sentoza tour), plus an additional half day tour to Johor Bharu of Malaysia on day 4. Johor Bahru is part of Malaysia that is very near Singapore.

Since Johor Bahru tour requires crossing the border of Malaysia and Singapore, tourists are required to obtain a visa at the border. Tour operators take no responsibility in obtaining this visa, except providing guidance at the border. Any problem that you may encounter at the border (e.g. you are refused entry for whatever reason) is your responsibility. Thus, you cannot ask for a refund when you are refused entry. We have to stress, however, that this seldom happens. Usually, crossing the border is smooth, free from problems and fast for tourists.

The afternoon of day 4 is free time. You may go for other optional tours or just go shopping.  One option is for you to go to Batam, an island that is already part of Indonesia. Just like Johor Bahru, Batam is very near Singapore. You can take the ferry on your own, go to Batam island and back to Singapore after satisfying your own curiosity while there. Batam is also a good place to buy souvenir items.

C. Hotel accommodation

There are three choices for hotels, namely: 1. Fragrance Crystal (1-star or budget hotel), 2. Fragrance Selegie (2-star) and 3. Oxford hotel (3-star). Hotel accommodation in all packages are in a twin-sharing (two in a room) basis.

D. Price tables

You need to first read “Tour Pricing“, a page under group tours of this website, for you to properly interpret and understand the price tables that follows.

We have also made changes in the presentation of these price tables compared to our previous article entiled “Hongkong tour on May 24, 2012“. Price tables are now presented  by airport of origin and can be manipulated in three ways: 1. You can choose the no. of entries/items that are shown, 2. You can use the search button to display only those items that contain the word in your search and 3. You can scroll up or down using the small arrows at the right side bottom of the table.

1. Price Table for those starting from Manila

Item No.PackageAirlineHotelPackage price in U.S.$Price in Phil. Peso
13D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 312.70
P 13,337

23D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal$ 464.13P 19,795
33D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 338.79P 14,449
43D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 490.22P 20,908
53D/2NAirphil ExpressOxford $ 385.53P 16,443
63D/2NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 536.96P 22,901
73D/2N (+Sentoza)Airphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 395.31

P 16,860

83D/2N (+Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 546.74P 23,318
93D/2N (+Sentoza)Airphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 421.40P 17,973
103D/2N (+Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie$ 572.83P 24,431
113D/2N (+Sentoza)Airphil ExpressOxford $ 468.14P 19,966
123D/2N (+Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesOxford $ 619.57P 26,424

Airphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 519.22P 22,145
144D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 670.65P 28,603
154D/3NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie$ 581.18P 24,787
164D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 732.61P 31,246
174D/3NAirphil ExpressOxford $ 654.01P 27,893
184D/3NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 805.43P 34,352
195D/4NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 586.62
P 25,019

205D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 738.04P 31,478
215D/4NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 669.22P 28,542
225D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 820.65P 35,001
235D/4NAirphil ExpressOxford $ 768.14P 32,761
5D/4NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 919.57P 39,219

2. Price Table for those starting from Iloilo 

Item No.PackageAirlineHotelPackage price in U.S.$Price in Phil. Peso
13D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 364.28P 15,537
23D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 570.65P 24,338
33D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie$ 390.37P 16,649
43D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie$ 596.74P 25,451
53D/2NAirPhil ExpressOxford $ 437.11P 18,643
63D/2NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 643.48P 27,444
73D/2N (+ Sentoza)Airphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 446.89P 19,060
83D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 653.26P 27,862
93D/2N (+ Sentoza)Airphil ExpressFragrance Selegie$ 472.98 P 20,173
103D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 679.35P 28,974
113D/2N (+ Sentoza)Airphil ExpressOxford $ 519.72 P 22,166
123D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesOxford $ 726.09P 30,968
134D/3NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 570.81

P 24,345
144D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 777.17P 33,146
154D/3NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 632.76P 26,987
164D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 839.13P 35,789
174D/3NAirphil ExpressOxford $ 705.59 P 30,093
184D/3NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 911.96P 38,895
195D/4NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 638.20 P 27,219
205D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 844.57P 36,021
215D/4NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 720.81P 30,742
225D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 927.17P 39,544
235D/4NAirphil ExpressOxford $ 819.72 P 34,961
245D/4NPhilippine AirlinesOxford$ 1,026.09P 43,763

3. Price Table for those starting from Cebu 

Item No.PackageAirlineHotelPackage price in U.S.$Price in Phil. Peso
13D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 369.89P 15,776
23D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 570.65P 24,338
33D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie$ 395.98 P 16,888
43D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 596.74P 25,451
53D/2NAirPhil ExpressOxford $ 442.72 P 18,882
63D/2NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 643.48P 27,444
73D/2N (+ Sentoza)AirPhil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 452.50P 19,299
83D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 653.26P 27,862
93D/2N (+ Sentoza)AirPhil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 478.59 P 20,412
103D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 679.35P 28,974
113D/2N (+ Sentoza)AirPhil ExpressOxford $ 525.33 P 22,405
123D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesOxford$ 726.09P 30,968
134D/3NAirPhil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 576.41P 24,584
144D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 777.17P 33,146
154D/3NAirPhil ExpressFragrance Selegie$ 638.37P 27,226
164D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie$ 839.13P 35,789
174D/3NAirPhil ExpressOxford $ 711.20 P 30,333
184D/3NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 911.96P 38,895
195D/4NAirPhil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 643.80 P 27,458
205D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 844.57P 36,021
215D/4NAirPhil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 726.41P 30,982
225D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 927.17 P 39,544
235D/4NAirPhil ExpressOxford hotel $ 825.33 P 35,200
245D/4NPhilippine AirlinesOxford hotel$ 1,026.09 P 43,763

4. Price Table for those starting from Cagayan de Oro and Davao

Item No.PackageAirlineHotelPackage price in U.S.$Price in Phil. Peso
13D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 421.50 P 17,977
23D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 614.13P 26,193
33D/2NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 447.59P 19,090
43D/2NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 640.22P 27,305
53D/2NAirphil ExpressOxford$ 494.33P 21,083
63D/2NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 686.96 P 29,299
73D/2N (+ Sentoza)Airphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 504.11 P 21,500
83D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 696.74P 29,716
93D/2N (+ Sentoza)Airphil ExpressFragrance Selegie$ 530.20P 22,613
103D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 722.83P 30,829
113D/2N (+ Sentoza)Airphil ExpressOxford $ 576.93P 24,606
123D/2N (+ Sentoza)Philippine AirlinesOxford$ 769.57P 32,822
134D/3NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal$ 628.02P 26,785
144D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 820.65P 35,001
154D/3NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 689.98P 29,428
164D/3NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 882.61P 37,643
174D/3NAirphil ExpressOxford $ 762.80P 32,534
184D/3NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 955.43P 40,749
195D/4NAirphil ExpressFragrance Crystal $ 695.41 P 29,659
205D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Crystal $ 888.04P 37,875
215D/4NAirphil ExpressFragrance Selegie $ 778.02P 33,183
225D/4NPhilippine AirlinesFragrance Selegie $ 970.65P 41,398
235D/4NAirphil ExpressOxford $ 876.93P 37,401
245D/4NPhilippine AirlinesOxford $ 1,069.57P 45,617


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