Alpha Hongkong Tour Package

We are launching our unique and cheapest international group tour package today: Our Alpha Hongkong Tour Package. This 7 days tour package is designed for our friends who are tight-on-budget, especially those who will tour Hongkong for the first time.

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Our Alpha Hongkong tour package brings down the cost of standard packaged tours by using budget airlines for the airfare (e.g. Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines) and using an apartment (also called flat), instead of a hotel, for board and lodging accommodation while in Hongkong. Most of the time, tourists are outside their hotels, so they do not fully enjoy or use the amenities/services provided by the much more expensive hotels.

We have made arrangements with a strategically located apartment at Chung Ching St, Sai Ying Pun, Hongkong. The apartment is on a second floor of a building along a tram way, not far from a number of hotels like the Best Western Hotel, Central Park Hotel and Ramada hotel. It is also near a police station, a consumers’ market and many restaurants, including McDonald’s. You only pay HK$2.30 for the tram fare from the apartment site to the Central District of Hongkong.

This apartment is rented by a group of Filipinos, who are working in Hongkong and who are accredited contact persons of Saga Travel and Tours. It is definitely a safe place for tourists. Besides, it will be like home because all boarders/lodgers of this apartment are Filipinos.

If you prefer the comforts of a hotel accommodation rather than as a visitor in an apartment, then this package is not for you. You should get a standard tour package. You may click here if you want to get some ideas on our standard tours in Hongkong. But please continue reading down if you are interested in our Alpha Hongkong tour package.

We also included in the package a briefing/orientation, with actual field demonstration, on how to use the efficient transportation system of Hongkong, i.e., how to use the tram, bus and train. This inclusion in the package is very unique to us. So far, we have not seen any tour package in the market that included this kind of service. The main idea behind this service is to give you, our clients, the ability to tour or roam around Hongkong on your own.

Once you learn how to ride these transportation vehicles on your own, you can manage your own tours yourself while in Hongkong. You can tour Hongkong at your own pace, at your own time schedule and at a very cheap cost . You can explore the many beautiful places that attracts you at your own sweet time. Unlike the standard packaged tours, you are very flexible as far as time schedules are concerned because it is you who sets the time for your daily activities .


Included in our Alpha Hongkong tour package are the following:

1. Round trip Airfare (thru Cebu pacific or Air philippines) from any of the pre-identified airports (Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Iloilo and Manila) to Hongkong

2. A person to meet you at the Hongkong airport. This person will : a) help you get your own octopus card (plastic money) for convenient use in roaming around Hongkong, and b) help you take the bus-ride from the airport to the apartment

3. A briefing/orientation, with field demonstration, on how to use/ride the efficient public transportation system of Hongkong (e.g. tram, bus and train) and other details.

4. Air-conditioned lodging accommodation at the apartment at 7 days and 6 (or 5) nights of stay.

5. Option to cook your own food at the apartment

6. A local phone SIM card that you can borrow and use while in Hongkong. You should return this SIM card before your trip back to the Philippines.

Note: All other expenses not covered by the above inclusions are chargeable to your own personal account (or your pocket money).


At present, and until further notice, the package prices per person for a group of four and 7 days/6 nights tour to Hongkong are as follows:

1. Starting from Manila airport — P 14,600.00

2. Starting from Iloilo airport
a.) Direct flight —- P 13,700.00
b.) Via Manila —-P 17,700.00

3. Starting from Cebu airport
a.) Direct flight —-P 13,800.00
b.) Via manila—P 17,800.00

4. Starting from Cagayan de Oro airport—P 16,800.00

5. Starting from Davao airport—-P 17,800.00

1. The above prices for a 7 days/6 nights package are really cheap. It is even cheaper compared to some 3 days/2 nights packages of standard tours that practically gives you only one full day in Hongkong. You can check the price tables of our standard packaged tours published earlier by clicking here.

2. Direct flights from Iloilo and Cebu to Hongkong are scheduled at around mid-nights, and thus, they are taxing or stressful for some people. Also, Iloilo direct flights are still very limited at present.

3. Prices are subject to change without prior notice because airlines could change their prices anytime.


1. How big is the group that can avail of this package?
The group should have four persons because there are four reserved beds (two double-decked beds) in the room.

2. Can we avail of this tour package if our group is less than 4?
Yes. But the individual packaged price would be a little higher than the published rate to cover for the empty beds.

3. How many rooms are available for this package?
We have made arrangements for only one room at present. We will add more rooms later on as the need arises.

4. Does it mean you will only accept one group in any given time for now?

5. How about if there are more than 4 members in our group?
This can be arranged too. We can accommodate a few extras in the sala. If there are more, we recommend breaking up into smaller groups at different tour schedules.

6. Can we choose our own schedules of the tour?
You can choose any specific week that is still open for reservation. But arrival date in Hongkong is always on a Sunday because our contact persons are working on weekdays. standard schedule is for you to arrive on Sunday and leave Hongkong back for home on a Saturday, or Friday night at times.

7. What happens when there are more than 1 group interested in a specific week?
It will be handled on a first-come first-served basis, prioritized according to who first made the reservation.

8. When we ask for a reservation, do we need to pay immediately?
No. But full payment should be made not later than the deadline, which is two months before the scheduled departure date. Otherwise, We will cancel the reservation privilege and give it to the next interested person in the priority list.

9. How do we make the payments?
You can pay at the office either in cash or check. For those located outside Cagayan de Oro, We will give you our bank account details when you are ready to pay.

10. Is the tour package available all year round?
In a way, but not exactly. As of now, the tour schedules open for reservation is from January 13 to December 15 of year 2013

11. Can we cook our own food at the apartment?
Yes. The apartment has facilities for cooking.

12. Are there other boarders using the apartment?
The apartment has other boarders who are all Filipinos working in Hongkong. You will feel at home while staying there.

13. What is the main advantage of using an apartment instead of a hotel for board and lodging accommodation?
The main advantage is basically the lower cost. We save a lot by using an apartment instead of hotels.

14. Is our payment for the package refundable when we are forced to cancel our tour due to valid reasons?
It is difficult to make refunds because of standing policies of the budget airlines. But if the airlines concerned allows a refund, then we will pass it on to you. You should fix your schedule after you make the payment.

15. Why are entrance fees to Disneyland and other popular places not included in the package?
To give you flexibility on what places you want to go. You can pay the entrance fees when you get to these places. Most important places in Hongkong are accessible by train.

16. Why are you providing phone SIM cards?
It is expensive if you use your own phone (roaming) while in Hongkong both for local calls and for calls back home. You save money by using local SIM cards. It also provides you easy access to our contact persons in case you come into emergency situations that may need assistance. Besides, if you buy your own SIM card, it is of no use to you when you get back home to our country.

17. How do we ask for a reservation, or contact you for more information?
Contact either Sammy or Helen at the following address:
a. Sammy–email ad:…tel.:0920-961-5118
b. Helen–email…tel.: (08822)724979, (088)8563770 and 09186105188


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