Group Tours

Organized group tours is our new program.  Group tours in the past were on a case to case basis. This time, we are implementing a regular program that we can promote all-year-round, in partnership with our coming accredited tour organizers (TO) nationwide.

Our tour organizers, however, are independent representatives. As such, they are not authorized to receive payments in our behalf. All clients/customers should deposit payments on these tours directly to our office or to bank accounts owned by Saga Travel & Tours.

We will start with clients coming from Southern Philippines who want to tour any of the two popular and inexpensive international destinations, i.e., Hongkong and Singapore. As we move on, we will include neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and others. For those who can afford more expensive destinations, we will offer tour packages for Israel and Europe. Domestic destinations will follow after some time, to include the top 12 most popular destinations in the Philippines.

These group tours are organized in small groups of four persons each, except in an all-family group that may compose more than four persons. These small groups may combine into a large group to form one batch of tourists. A batch of tourists has a minimum of one participating group, or four persons. As much as possible, all the four members of one group will come from the prospects/contacts of one tour organizer. If that is not possible when deadline comes, members of one group could come from two or more tour organizers combined.

Unknown to many people, international tours are now very affordable because the cost of travel has gone down considerably in the past, brought about by a number of factors, such as: 1.  the entry of budget airlines, 2.  improvement in the overall system efficiency of the industry as a result of computerization, and 3.  the stiff competition in the travel industry.

The real gap/problem is more of lack of access to real-time information by many people and not affordability of cost. In fact, the cost goes further down if you add other factors, like, advance planning and scheduling, going in groups, special packages, internet access and travelling in lean season.  Thus, the time has come for everyone to become a tourist and explore our beautiful world.

Our network of tour organizers, plus internet access to our website any time of day, is our solution to the identified real gap/problem.

There are many advantages travelling in groups compared to travelling alone. You may get a cheaper package when travelling alone,  though this is  debatable, but what is a few hundreds of pesos compared to the many advantages of travelling in group tours. These advantages include:

  1. It is much more fun and enjoyable, especially if you are with a group that you feel at home.
  2. It means less hassles, fewer worries or less fears, which are very important considerations when you are in a foreign land.
  3. You can cover more sites to visit in less time, making your travel, in reality, cheaper.
  4. You can take/have souvenir pictures anytime of the day. Remember that what remains after you return home are the exciting memories captured in these pictures which you can share to family and friends back home in the years to come.

Two groups of people will mainly benefit from our group tour program. First is our tourist-clients, which are typically busy people in their line of work or business. It is easier, cheaper and more convenient for them to take part in these group tours. Second are the tour organizers who will earn from this program.

If you are somebody interested to become a group tour organizer, click here for more information. If you are interested only to take part as a tourist in these group tours, please subscribe to this website by clicking here, or by filling up the form at the top right corner of this page. Subscribers will receive free relevant news, notices for special promos and other updates/information  from time to time through emails. Click here to check our incoming group tours.