Tour Organizer (TO)

Welcome! You must be interested to become a tour organizer by coming to this page. If you are, then continue reading down. Otherwise, simply go to other pages that may interest you.

There are three questions we are going to answer in this page, namely: a. Who can become a tour organizer?, b. What are the major opportunities for a tour organizer? and c. How to get started?

A. Who can become a tour organizer?

A tour organizer must be a Filipino:

1. of good moral character
2. of legal age (at least 18 years old)
3. with access to internet
4. endorsed/recommended by an employee or an existing tour organizer of saga travel & tours
5. with duly approved application for accreditation

B. What are the major opportunities for tour organizers?

1. First is an opportunity to travel the world for free.

When we started our travel & tours business way back in 1996, we had serious doubts on its viability, mainly due to the small income it generates per transaction/customer. But after many years, we realize that small income/commissions, plus volume, plus repeat transactions is not really that small. In fact, as an accredited tour organizer, it can make you travel the world for free.

So, what do we mean by ‘travelling the world for free’?. We all know that there is no such thing as ‘a free lunch’. A lunch may be free to us, but for sure, somebody is paying for it. The same is true with your free travel to the world, it is charged somewhere.

There are two ways to make this free travel possible, as follows:

a. Through your share from commissions

Saga travel will share to you half of whatever standard commission it earns from group tour participants coming from your prospects. Your share is accumulated in your account’s name. When the accumulated amount reaches the value of a chosen international tour, you travel to this destination for free. It is free because it doesn’t require payment from you. It is paid through the value accumulated in your account (this is explained further in our members-only page).

Please take note that tour prices are not raised because of the entry of tour organizers. They are the same standard prices, with or without the tour organizers. We are simply splitting the standard commissions, and give the half of it to our tour organizers. There are no additional costs to our clients/customers, despite the vastly improved access to our services. In this way, we are able to maintain our strong competitive position in the market.

b. Through free of charge (FOC) tickets/vouchers

It has been an industry practice in the past that big players, like airlines and hotels, give away one free of charge (FOC) ticket/voucher to travel agencies for every group of 15 guests/customers. This is not always true these days after the entry of budget airlines. However, when we get FOC vouchers, we will pass these on to deserving tour organizers at the time. This is your second way of travelling the world for free.

2. Second is an opportunity to open a new source of income for your family.

We require tour organizers to join at least one international group tours using his accumulated commissions. After this, (s)he can convert his accumulated commissions to cash, instead of using it for succeeding tours, opening a new income stream for his family. But this requires proper justification and approval, since it is a special arrangement reserved only for those who are in real financial difficulties.

3. Third is an opportunity to help family, friends and relatives to experience group tours

This is especially true in municipalities and small cities where there are no travel/tour companies. Access to real-time information, and the opportunity to join group tours, is much more limited in these areas. After joining successful and enjoyable tours, your family, friends and relatives will thank you for all the help in providing these real-time information to them.

C. How to get started?

1. Submit an application for accreditation (click link at bottom of this page)

Annual accreditation fee of Php1,000.00 is waived in your first year, allowing you to start your first year at zero cost. Thereafter, you may pay this accreditation fee through your accumulated commissions so that you do not have to shell out money from your own pocket. That is, if you decide to renew your accreditation a year after.

2. Access our special page for new tour organizers (new TOs)

We will inform you through email, or through Facebook, and add you to our tour organizers group in Facebook, when your application for accreditation is approved. We will also inform you on the password required to access our special page for new tour organizers.

Information provided in our special page is really nothing complicated but the details of the simple system we follow in implementing our group tour program. You can share any further questions, suggestions or ideas through our tour organizers group in Facebook.

3. Time to start

After studying the information in our new TOs page, you can start at your own sweet time. The work involved is so simple, easy and requires very short time on your part mainly because of our website, staffed by people working in your behalf. You may only spend a few minutes online every week, that includes visits on our website from time to time for new updates.

It is time to start. Submit an application by clicking here. Or, send us an e-mail using our contact address if you have other important questions  to ask.