Application form

The terms and conditions for accreditation of tour organizers are enumerated at the bottom  of this page, right below the application form. When an applicant fills up the form and click submit, (s)he also certifies  that (s)he has read and agreed to these terms and conditions.




Terms and Conditions

All accredited tour organizers (TOs) of  Saga Travel & Tours should strictly adhere to the following terms and conditions for accreditation:

  1. An accreditted tour organizer (TO) is automatically a member of the TO club of Saga Travel & Tours(STT).
  2. The TO is not an employee, or full-time agent, of STT. Instead, the relationship of the TO to STT is that of an independent representative. As an independent representative, the TO shall be responsible for paying all Philippine taxes that may become payable  with respect to any commission he may receive from STT.
  3. The TO shall use his/her best efforts to help, refer, initiate or directly promote the group tours program of STT.
  4. The TO shall comply with all the company’s rules, guidelines and policies, either now existing or as issued from time to time by saga travel & tours.
  5. All TOs are expected to participate in any training and/or meetings sponsored by STT.
  6. The TO shall not use marketing materials of any kind which has not been approved by STT
  7. The TO shall not take, undertake or engage, directly in any prohibited actions now and in the future.
  8. TOs are not authorized to receive payments from clients/customers in behalf of Saga Travel & Tours. All payments should be made directly to Saga travel & tours.
  9. The TO is solely responsible for all of his/her expenses on whatever activities he/she undertakes and shall receive no payment or reimbursement of any nature whatsoever other than the commissions shared by STT.
  10. STT shares to concerned TOs whatever commissions, or profit margins, it earns  from tourists/clients participating in its group tours program.
  11. Other STT services, like individual ticketing, are not included in the terms of the TO accreditation contract.  TO privileges and involvement are limited to group tours.
  12. Sharing of commission for the group tour program is 50:50, more or less. That means, around 50% of the commissions/profit margin from group tours will accrue to the account of the concerned TOs.
  13. Accreditation of TOs are renewable every year, But STT reserve the right to terminate accreditation of any TO anytime when a TO is involved in any action, in word or deed, that is inimical to the name and business interest of STT.
  14. TOs should not make any misrepresentation, or false claims, on the services or any information related to Saga Travel & Tours and its business.
  15. TOs are not allowed to change, increase or decrease, the officially announced prices of packaged group tours.