You can now transact with us online. We have gone online to serve our valued clients/customers more effectively. It is a lot easier, more convenient and a great time-saver for you to transact with us through the internet. The fact that you can now communicate with us through our website, 24 hours a day, or 7 days a week, at your most convenient time is definitely a big leap forward. Transaction cost is also much cheaper especially if you are located outside Cagayan de Oro city. Just follow the following procedure:

step 1:  make a request for price quotation.

Fill up the price quotation form and click submit. A reservation officer will communicate with you shortly. If you submit your request after office hours, expect a response the following day. Send a short follow up email using our email address at our contact page if you do not receive a response within 48 hours.

step 2: get quotation from other sources

Although many of you  are no longer canvassing from other sources, we have no problem if you do. We fully understand that you are looking for the best deal. With a small difference in prices, anyway, we know that many still go for us, even if our price is the one higher, because of other considerations. If the difference is big enough to influence your decision to go to other sources, that is fine with us. We look forward to another opportunity to serve you in your next travel.

step 3: finalize your decision

When you receive the quotation from  saga travel, the most important thing  for you to take note, other than the price, is the option date. To avoid possible booking problems, it is best to finalize your decision as early as you can. The farther you are from the option date the better it is. If you decide in favor of other sources, you do not need to cancel your booking. Your booking will be automatically erased from the computerized system if it is not purchased by the time we reach the specified option date. New bookings after option dates are subject to change in prices, which are usually higher for the same schedules of travel.

When the option date specified is “book and buy”, rather than a specific time and date, it actually means there is really no future option. The price is only good at the time of booking. Purchase at a later time will most likely get a higher price, although sometimes lower. This is usually true for promo fares of low-budget airlines

step 4: transmit payment

Saga travel should receive the payment a day before option date, or 24 hours before the time stated on the option date. This is to make sure we still have the time to make representation with the concerned airline when there are booking problems that sometimes arise during this stage in the process. Use our bank account specified in the quotation emailed to you. Inform us by text or e-mail at our contact numbers/address once you have made the deposit.

step 5: receive your ticket/voucher

Saga travel will send through your e-mail address the electronic airline ticket, or travel vouchers, whichever is applicable.

Again, when you want to make a request for price quotation on your next Domestic travel, click here (quotation-domestic). If it is an international travel, click here (quotation-international). Fill up the form and click submit. For more information,  contact us.